Andrew from Wolfgang Weldas is the best! This is my second time engaging him! Women dealing with ID/ Contractors is never easy but Andrew, who not only advises us on the Reno, he is also patient and most importantly, he is very responsive!!!! I’ll definitely go back to him for all big/small Reno! Thank you Andrew!!!!

Ser Kailing

Andrew of Weldas Wolfgang is the person I contacted for damage repair works in my apartment. With their impeccable workmanship of craft, coupled with their professional handling, they had repaired and restored it to my standard of perfection and satisfaction. Their timely delivery was the commitment I was looking for. I am, a totally One Happy Client and I, highly recommend Weldas Wolfgang. Thankyou, Andrew for your kind help and assistance to this sudden ad-hoc urgent job.

Koh Sherrilyn

My ID was Angela and I must say that the overall experience has been extremely pleasant.

The initial doubts of having an ID vs DIY with contractors was unfounded as I must say that having an ID to design and coordinate all the works were definitely beneficial.

In gist, I can summarise into three key good points of Angela.

Firstly, she is professional. Angela has been proficient in translating our thoughts into 3D diagrams to allow us to visualise better how things would pan out. She also assisted us in coordinating with all nitty gritty which was much appreciated.

Secondly, the company is extremely proficient. Despite some initial delays that was due to me, Weldas was very fast in their carpentry works. All the rooms were done up within a couple of days as they had understood my urgency and was accommodating in helping me.

More importantly, the overall expense was value for money. The expenses had been very transparent despite hearing many stories of hidden costs. I was glad I did not have to deal with anything of such sorts with Angela.

Overall, a definite recommendation for Weldas!

Francis Lin

I enjoyed working with Andrew from Wolfgang Weldas. He is very responsive and responsible. Nothing is too small a matter to him as long as it is your concern! Overall I am satisfied with his service!

Teo Hui Ching

I have been dealing with id companies for years and weldas is definitely the best among them all. The team delivers very good services to its clients. They are very creative and innovative, very positive attitude towards their work and designs. The are prompt and work within the budgets and time frames of the projects. The work they’ve done are always beyond expectations. Thumbs up for all the great productions! Definitely recommend to anybody who needs interior design for their home or office:)

Willie Kok Heng Chua